Apr 15, 2008

Business versus Politics
For many days, I have noticed something very unfamiliar in front of my shop.
It is the traffic. The volume of vehicles and pedestrians seems to be decreasing.
Well, I thought maybe it is due to the rainy weather, maybe the people have not got their salaries yet or maybe the major festivals were already over. Or so it seems.
I called my business friend just to check it out.
“Hello boss, how is your business?”
“It’s bad man. In fact it has been bad before and after the election. Those politicians really screwed things up,” lamented my friend.
After comforting him with all the “maybe” theories, I decided to further check the market situation by asking my customers and suppliers.
Oh boy, when the feedbacks were gathered, the current market conditions really do not seem promising.
My next instinct is to do a first quarter sales analysis and the feedbacks were right on!
Business has dropped 20% !
Shit man, I have rentals to pay, mouths to feed, education fees and many other bills to pay and if this sales trend continue to deteriorate, I will be in deep shit soon.
While sales are coming down, my blood pressure is going up.
My only consolation is that I will not be alone under these circumstances.
There will be many people who are just like me, a middle income earner with plenty of bills to pay and just enough to survive with the ever escalating cost of living.
Hey man, then how about those low income earners? How are they to manage their living expenses?
It is definitely going to be very tough for them.
Go and talk to any businessman and I bet you will get the same feedback.
And now with the United States going into recession, the rest of the world is likely to follow suit.
The worldwide economy certainly looks gloomy.
Politic is killing us economically!
So, may I ask the politicians, what are you going to do about this?
Are you going to continue bickering for your political survival or are you going to look into the plights of the people in their daily survival?
For heaven’s sake, election is already over.
So, to all the politicians whoever wins or loses, please get over with it. Winning and losing is all part of life.
Please stopped all the belligerent and piffle commentaries and start to talk some economic sense with the same wavelength.
The cancellation of the MoUs by the Tourism Ministry which was retaliated with some raids by the opposition government in Langkawi during one of its tourism programme is a classic example of how idiotic our politicians are.. This tit-for-tat is clear stupidity in the eyes of the foreign investors.
That is cow sense in the business world.
We have a ready pool of local industrialists who, if given further attractive incentives, will gladly expand locally rather than in overseas. This will certainly provide a good catalyst in stimulating the local economy and we must contain them before they too,like the foreign investors will invest in other countries.
To those politicians, who do not have the right attitude in politics, please compensate it with gumption and empathy. Yes, be emphatic! Put yourself in the other person’s shoes.
If you are an investor, do you have the confidence to invest your money here under the current political milieu?
If you are an ordinary citizen, do you like what is happening currently in the country?
For the sake of everyone, I would like to urge all politicians to discard whatever differences and please move our economy forward before we are being pushed further backward by all the political upheavals.
God has given us five senses to use in our daily lives.
I would like to give you, the politicians, a sixth sense to use in your political lives.
This sixth sense is, the common sense.
Please use it without fear or favor.


Anonymous said...

the problem is: these people (aka umno goons) has no sense at all!! they r just pure nonsense!!! better let PR take over lah.... once for all...

Anonymous said...

UMNO uses Islam as an excuse for everything they do to benefit their own agenda.