Apr 12, 2008

The Spoilt Child
Human beings are truly one of a kind.
The homosapein that we are, no matter where, is the same.
However, there is a race of a different kind which although looks like us, think and act very differently.This species is known as Umnoputra and can only be found in Malaysia.
Do you remember when you were young and did something naughty and got whacked by your parents?
After that you would promised your parents that you will be a good boy and not be naughty anymore. Had you being a good boy then, you will not get whacked and suffered the pain, right?
Many of us have taken things for granted far too often.
Take the case of our parents as an example.
When they are alive, many of us do not relish the moments with them and when they are gone, then we start to think about them with the “we should have done this and that” syndrome. But then that is too late isn’t it?
By now, everyone knows that the BN got “whacked” badly by the people during the election in March .This is because one of its family members, the Umnoputras are being very “naughty”, just like the spoilt child.
Their “naughtiness” is the arrogance that is being blatantly shown towards others .
Remember the “if you don’t like it here, you can leave” mentioned by one Umnoputra?
And not forgetting the kerisman who has been waving the keris year in and year out.
This fellow seems to have a knack for violence.
Just like a spoilt child who will cry loudly and throw tantrums when you take away the candy, the Umnoputras will shout and threaten others when the NEP is going to be taken away.
When the spoilt child is extremely naughty, the parents will whacked him very hard and he will starts running around the house seeking protection from the other members of the family.
So now you see all the BN heads traveling around the country to buttress their political survival.
Suddenly, the “spoilt child” has realized its mistakes after 50 years.
They realize now it is wrong to be arrogant towards others and a need to respect other peoples’ rights.
After so many billions of ringgit have been wasted and siphoned off, they also now realized the importance to be more transparent in its governance and to fight corruptions more effectively.
After 50 years, they now want to look into the needs of the people.
After so many cases of injustice and inefficiencies, they now want to reform the judiciary.
It takes them 50 years to understand the CAT(competency,accountability and transparency) approach in good governance.

If the child is brought up well mannered and learnt the importance of respect towards others, this child will be showered with plenty of love.
If only the members of the BN family are nurtured this way, they will receive plenty of support, instead of the pain they are getting now.
Just like the spoilt child, the BN after having pampered and spoilt the Umnoputras for 50 years, it will be a Herculean task for them to change and adapt for the better. Remember the saying “old habits die hard”?
There are already signs pointing to this.
The Umnoputras intend to impede the efficiency of the opposition government.They have already canceled all the MoUs signed by the Tourism Ministry in the opposition states.They have also started to sow the seed of racial hatred among the people.There is also a malicious intend to divert the federal funds from the opposition states.
In other words,the Umnoputras have reinforced all the traits of a spoilt child.
I foresee that the keris will still be used and threats uttered again.
It will be race, race and race politics again.
I am just wondering why the Umnoputras always think and act differently from us, although we look the same.
If the spoilt child constantly brings hardship to the family, the next best step is to disown the child which can be very sad and painful for the parents.
Likewise, if the Umnoputras still cannot reform after 50 years , accept defeat and blend into the new political landscape and also constantly bring miseries to the people, then we, as the guardian of the country will have to disown this "spoilt child".
Instead of the pain and sadness, there will be peace and happiness for all.


ayusikembangcina said...

I honestly and sincerely like the way you write. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Good analogy on the spoilt child.
Don't we know it. When we whack the child, we hope that they will be better later on in life. But some just don't learn. In this case, the Unmoputras belong in the latter.
I mean, you see ... all those signs of of a spoilt child surfaced again right after you whacked them ... just like you said in the "Old habits die hard". What we wish to see is repentant from them. Then, there are hope for Malaysia. It's not that I have anything against them, but instead of reforming themselves for Malaysia, they are actually impeding the progress.
May God shines the light on them.

Anonymous said...

Don't expect a leopard to change its spots! Once arrogant, always arrogant! They will never learn how to please others, only themselves. With such mentality, we have a bunch of bigots as leaders in this country and with their continuance in power, GOD save MALAYSIA!!!!

Anonymous said...

Being pampered for half a century, these Bumiputras have instilled in their brains the "needy child syndrome" which is now incurable. Try taking away the candy you have been feeding it and it will definitely throw a tantrum!!!!