Apr 22, 2008

Where Is The Minister Of Transport?

I am sure there are many of us who have to practically suffer the mental torture of going to work by being caught in traffic jams.
These jams are aged old problems where numerous complains have already been reported and the end result is always the same, back to square one.
There is practically no rule of law as far as the taxi and bus drivers are concern.
The main road along the Central Market and Dayabumi for example, is being conveniently turned into a mini bus station with buses and taxis blocking the smooth flow of traffic.
As you drive further down to the Kotaraya Complex, there is not only one row, but two rows of buses parked rampantly,thereby worsening the traffic jam.
Then as you drive further down, is the notorious Puduraya jam. Again, there are buses, taxis and private vehicles parked along the road and thus, blocking the traffic flow. They do not give two hoots about the jam caused by them.
The buses and taxis drivers are acting like king of the road.
You honk them once, they will stare at you, twice, they will shout at you and three times, god bless you if you are not whack by them.
Like a hawk waiting for its prey, these taxi drivers will wait for the right customers to strike by charging them exorbitant fares which gives a very bad impression to the tourists.
The continuous disregard for traffic rules and being belligerent as they are, these taxi drivers seem to have rendered the power of the relevant authorities powerless.
Hello, where is the Minister of Transport, JPJ and the Police?
If you would like to have more traffic information, please turn on to Light & Easy radio program, you will hear reports of traffic jams here, there and practically everywhere and everyday in the city.
Just a half an hour heavy downfall will make the traffic jam like hell which can be tormenting as you drive.

Our public transport system is destined to be in a mess.
And you do not need to be a rocket scientist to understand why, when you consider this:
There are more than ten bus companies plying the outstation routes, about ten companies serving the city areas, about five taxi companies serving the city and as for the train transport, we have Star, Putra, KTM, Komuter, Monorail and ERL and they all belong to different companies.
It is incredulous that such an incoherent transport system can be approved to be in operation.
How on earth is the public transport system going to be efficient when all of them are fighting for business survival?
The rampant presence of the ticket touts in Puduraya and KLIA is testimonial to this rivalry, not to mention the damages cause to the country’s image.
The Putra trains are always packed with passengers like a sardine can during and after office hours which is not surprising considering that it can only has two carriages.
If we are going to take the frequent breakdowns and late arrivals, especially KTM Komuter into consideration, then traveling by train is just as bad.
It is a pitiful sight to see elderly people,handicaps and travelers lugging their luggage from the Brickfields Monorail Station, crossing the heavy traffic road and then walk more than 400m to the KL Sentral station to take another train to continue the journey. They will be lucky if it is not raining. There are several other more interchange stations which are just not as user friendly.
Hello, Minister of Transport, JPJ, and Police, what are you going to do about this?
If we don’t complain, the Minister will think that everything is OK. When we complain, other people will say that we are wasting our time as there is nothing much you can expect them to do.
So, how?
Complain or don’t complain?


Anonymous said...

let's just say: BN sucks!!! those stupid brains can't think straight... they can only think how much money they can sapu... u think they care abt rakyat??

change the govt... kick BN out, and PR take over... then only we will see change!!!


Salvador said...

If i were the KL local government. I would implement these laws and policies:-

1)Car owners entering KL need to buy a permit monthly to enter KL. RM500-RM1000 maybe.Commercial vehicles excluded.

a)No more car owners roaming around KL doing nothing. Who wants to pay to just roam around and do nothing.
b)Take LRT, buses and Taxis. Stop wasting our precious fuel, government use our money to subsidies.
2)Stop subsidies Petrol to Fuel Stations. Implement a system whereby only Taxis, Buses, Lorries can pump subsided fuel. Use the extra money from these subsidies to start implement more public transport.
a) Middle and lower class can really benefit from this policy.why? because they don't drive they can have extra RM1k to RM2k, and take public transport, i don't think these bus & taxi driver s dare to raise the price. if they do, cancel their permit.
b)More money can be allocated to fund the public transport.

You may feel that i am too extreme. but think twice. These BN suckers implement our cities and towns that we need to use a car only then we can travel within the city. If a city is properly planned, we don't even need a car. Car prices depreciate year by year. Half of our hard earned money goes to feeding this monster, that is what most Malaysian middle class and below families are doing now. Take loan for the car pay for it for 7 or 9 yrs. then after you pay all your loan, you only get a lousy piece of scrap metal. Hope you get what i mean
I think i wrote to much...hehe

Anonymous said...

Giving up driving to the city centre may pose another problem for the BN government, everyone will think twice about buying cars, and I mean the most affordable car, our National car. If our National car does not sell well, then PROTON will have to "bungkus" and then its losses will still be borne by the rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Today, I have been held up in a traffic jam on the MRR2 in PJS for nearly one hour. The reason as shown on the ITIS is that there was a breakdown vehicle some 1.5 km away. Can you imagine what road systems we have in Malaysia? I was made to line up to pay the toll and after paying the toll, I was caught in a massive traffic jam for nearly 1 hour. Is this what the government expect the people to do, JAM TO PAY AND PAY TO JAM!!!!!

Sanza said...

and potholes as well.