Apr 18, 2008

Where do our politicians stand – a dimwit, intelligent or an evil?
Dimwits are people lacking in intelligence and common sense. As such, they are often been labeled as stupid and are incompetent in any given tasks.
The word intelligence comes from a latin word which means "to understand". By this definition, intelligent people often have the high ability to perform any given tasks.
Evil is a term that is often used to indicate negative moral with intentions to be cruel and is often contrasted with good.
Now, evil people are more complex.They are like the chameleon, who can change and adapt according to their evil intentions with the most frightening one being the association with killings and murders.
Adolf Hitler, Jack The Ripper and Idi Amin are some historical examples of evilness. The first one killed millions of Jews during the Second World War at the infamous concentration camps while the second one stalked his victims before murdering them by ripping them apart and the third one was a dictator who not only killed his political enemies but ate their flesh as well!
The Mongolian lady murder case is a modern example of evilness.
The victim was not only being shot point blank in the head, her body was blown into pieces with C4 explosives!
This is evilness of the highest level!
As mentioned earlier, evil people can also be intelligent and act like chameleon to change their personality. This is why the police are unable to solve the Mongolian lady murder case.
He is still on the loose and can be someone on the road or can be someone who appears on the news media frequently, like a star or a VIP. He can still smile and behave normally as if nothing has ever happened which is one of the main traits of an evil person.
The politicians will be converging in Parliament for the Dewan Rakyat sitting soon
It will be interesting to see who the dimwits and the intelligent ones are.
I expect the dimwits from the ruling party to talk rubbish and just follow accordingly because they basically do not have any good sense of politics. Their arguments are usually feckless and their presence is nothing more than perfunctory. The intelligent ones can act like a dimwit to please their leaders and can also argue intelligently if the situation arises. So, either way it pleases their leaders.
It is the evil ones who will always lead because of their abilities to manipulate facts and figures during debates with the opposition parties. They do not care about the outcome, they care more about their income.
Now that BN has lost its two-third majority, UMNO is being very restless to the brim of running amok. The Umnoputras in particular are filled with anger and animosities and they have every intention to destabilize the Pakatan Rakyat government.
They will shout, they will protest and they will threaten.
Just like the evil people who have no feeling for the victims’ sufferings, the Umnoputras do not care a damn that their actions will affect the economy and security of the country.
They will keep on plotting to disrupt the administration of the Pakatan Rakyat.
They just do not care, as long as they are able to kill off the Pakatan Rakyat government and restore Umno’s hegemony, the others are all secondary.
So you see, evils are always associated with killings
In the James Bond movies, agent 007 is always being assigned to track and eliminate the evil villain before he can destroy the world.
Like James Bond, you can also track to kick the evil ones out before they can destroy the country.You do not need a license to kill, all you need is some intelligence.
Can you identify the evil ones for “elimination”?

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