Jan 6, 2009

Can we,will we or must we?

Hello everyone, a very belated Happy New Year.

Just came back from a short holiday, trying to free myself from stressful work and the ever frustrating political news in the country.
At the end of the day, I have to face reality: it is back to square one.

Did I say a happy new year?

To many of us, we have taken this blessed word 'happy' for granted.
To many civilians in the war torn countries, like Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine, the word has already ceased to exist in their vocabulary for a long time. Or maybe gone forever.

It has been my usual habit to post some of my holiday pictures to share with everyone but when I saw the above picture which almost makes me cry, I felt that it was morally wrong for me to do so when so many innocent civilians are being killed daily by the morons of war.

Let us take this war as a case study in Malaysia.

If Malaysia is being attacked by another country, what will we, as citizens of Malaysia do?

1) For the Palestinians, who have been suppressed and bullied by the Israelis and whose land has been occupied for years, they have every reasons and the will to fight for their freedom and die for their country.
As for the many Malaysians, who have been discriminated against, do they have the will to fight the enemy? Are they willing to sacrifice their lives for the country?

2)Taking for granted that the discriminated Malaysians have no will to fight for the country, what should they do then?
Will they cooperate with the enemy to bring a quick downfall of the government so that a new government with true democratic principles, fairness and justice can be formed and thus liberating them of their suppression and frustrations?

3)No matter what and how we have been treated by the government, we owe our well beings to this country. Therefore, as true Malaysians, can we all be united and fight the enemy to defend this land which we call home, so that it can never be taken by a foreign country?


motherchell said...

I can only hope that a new Armageddon does no occur as man has failed to see himself in the mirror of what he truly is . The evil in MAN !

cancan said...

Maybe we are beginning to see the happenings as predicted in The Revelation.

God bless all.

motherchell said...

If man can only see himself in the mirror and ponder , that God would for sure, designed him looking himself !