Dec 3, 2009

Wake-up, please

I believe many of us must be extremely frustrated and disillusioned with the current happenings in the country. But then no matter what happens, maybe through the interference of God or maybe through the stupidity of the people who seemed still in slumber land that BN has been ruling the country since independence.

If these articles are not able to wake you up, then by all means, suffer at you own perils: read here and here and here.

Like Najib, who has Bugis blood, I have the Chinese blood. And like Najib who is born in Malaysia, so am I. And so are all the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sikhs, Ibans and the Dayaks. And we call this rich potpourri of races: Malaysians. As Malaysians, I do believe we still love this country and will most probably die here. As long as we want change for the better, I see some hope in this country, despite the fact that thousands have already emigrated.
By now, you must have woke-up.
So, what are you going to do to change this country for the betterment of all?

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engann said...

Your blog has spoken for many people's mind.
According to political strategy reported in Malaysiakini content, it stated that PR only needed another 6% of total vote would be able to form the federal government and take over Putrajaya.
In the present political scenario, Malaysia is facing its obfuscated political fiasco. BN is situated at limbo and unable to move far with its feeble composition.
Malaysian economy is in its bad shape which needs strong remedy as radical reinvention to revamp its quagmire financial condition.
Pessimistically, could these mediocre finance ministers be capable efficiently to overcome the present bad financial situation they face?
Life will be more harder by its prediction. It's sure people shall be finding more difficulties to ease their financial problems.
Sympathetically, you don't have to worry that people won't wake up in their slumbers when they at the ballot box.
At the moment they have already felt the national unfavorable economic predicament. People will come to realize what they have seen by their own eyes is affecting their lives. What must be going to be changed is already in their clearer mind.
Look at those exposed corruption cases and the infighting Bn component parties. It is all revealed their selfishness is concerned and beneficial gains are all they want. Their recent self made conflicting confrontation launched against each other has told people clearly that they are not actually do the best for people. They are totally abusing the trust and confident people have cultivated the inculcation on them.