Jan 9, 2010

There are idiots and there is a fool

The year 2009 has not been a very good year for us as there is nothing much to celebrate: economically, socially and politically. So, let 2009 be another year in history or rather a year for us all to learn to be politically united to build a solid foundation for a better economy so that the rakyat can live in a harmonious way socially.

Before we can start the year 2010 on solid ground, some idiots have already started the new year on a fiery note by burning some churches in the name of Allah. This sickening act has already being condemned by many, as such I would not like to write about it. In fact the political scene in this country is so polluted that it is not worth anymore for me to write. In short, words just fail me to describe the happenings in this country.

So, let me write something else. Like my experience with my new car:Proton

I have just bought a Proton Persona MT which was delivered to me on the Christmas eve. Being Christmas and a new car, that is a double celebration for me. I cannot believe my luck as on the first day of driving the new car, there are already some troubles with it. Each time I reversed the car, the engine automatically turns off. The room light and the car bonnet lever are not working.

The next day, I took my family for a drive to Morib. To my horror, while I was driving, the tachometer (rpm meter) pointer points to the maximum and the Check engine sign was on. Although fortunately the engine was running normal, I was driving the car with full of anxieties and worries.

After the Christmas holidays, I called the dealer and Proton to lodge my complaints and which both parties duly attended to satisfactorily. To make the story short, after about a week in the workshop, the technician from Proton finally found the source of the problem: it was the wiring which was not fixed properly and therefore, affects the sensor of the car.

The car is all right now and I seem to enjoy driving it. It has power and surprisingly, it is very quiet inside. In fact it is more quiet than my daughter's Toyota Vios which I bought for her in the beginning of 2009. The handling and suspension of the car are up to my expectations and with the price of 50K, standard accessories, 15 inch sport rims and size 195 tyres, one should not ask for more with regards to performance.

And I have booked another Proton( a Saga) for my second daughter!

Some of my friends said I must be foolish to buy another Proton after what I have experienced with my new Proton Persona.

Well, since she truly needs a car for work and the price is within her budget, I hope she has better luck than me.


Anonymous said...

Necessity is the mother of invention..........................

cancan said...

And with invention comes the marketing.