Feb 12, 2011

Malaysia: The destiny is in our hands.

As I sat and watched with intrigue the change of governments in Tunisia and Egypt by the people's revolution, the immediate question that comes to my mind is: Will this happen in Malaysia?

Well, Najib has already said that Malaysia is different and he could be damned right. Yes, Malaysia is different, unlike Tunisia and Egypt whose population is basically homogeneous whilst the population of Malaysia consists of many races. The UMNO led government has dissected the people by playing the racial card to the hilt to make sure that the people cannot stay united to formulate a people's power. However, the difference ends here.

What Najib and his UMNO/BN led government fail to see are the similarities.

Fist and foremost is the scourge of massive corruptions which the people detested but have to live with it and suffer in silence. The great plunder of national wealth by those in power and their cronies seemingly with impunity is at an all time high since post independence. The invoking of the draconian ISA as and when they like and deem a threat to national security has stymied the voices of the people.

The few rounds of price hike in petrol, albeit in a silent manner, has spiral the cost of living. Many average income earners are currently hard pressed to cope with all the price increases. And with the slow pace of economic growth, job opportunities are hard to come by for the new graduates. Even if they found one, will the income be enough to sustain their personal monthly expenses, let alone a family? Who will they vent their anger and frustrations at?

The constant spewing of lies and the distortion of facts through the UMNO/BN led government controlled mainstream medias is indeed a blessing in disguise. In this well connected and wired world, it clearly allows the world to see the idiocy and the mentality of those in the government.

So, when former US ambassador John Malott wrote an article 'The price of Malaysia's Racism' which was published in the Wall Street Journal, the political goons in the government made a big hue and cry over it even though what was written was backed by facts and figures. The truths certainly hurt.

Does the government care whether the current political climate will affect the flow of FDIs into the country? Don bet on it. All this UMNO/BN political parties care is to cling on to power at all cost, in Najib's threatening words: even over crushed bodies, lost lives and ethnic cleansing.

Malaysia with its rich natural resources has certainly what it takes to be a well developed country. In fact, it should had achieved a much higher status than its little red dot neighbor had the country being govern efficiently,fairly and justly. Instead, we can now only grin with jealousy, envy and full of animosities.

So, what does the future holds for Malaysia?

To begin with, those clowns in the government are already making us the laughing stocks. And if these clowns are going to perform continuously with new tricks, the greater will be the laughing. And with the greater laughing, Malaysia will be looked upon as a 'sick' country.

And in the forefront of the international stage, we have the now infamous Altantuya murder case, Teoh Boon Hock neither homicide or suicide verdict and the Anwar sodomy II trial. All these trials have catapulted Malaysia into instant recognition and showcased the quality of Malaysia's judiciary in true Malaysia style.
Malaysia Boleh!

Malaysia has a relatively young population and a great part of them are literate and wired in this borderless world. It is this group of people that must educate those in the rural areas who are naive enough to believe that everything is pinky and rosy in the country. It is extremely crucial to engage them politically so that they can play a positive role in shaping the country.

And who else to end the misery of the people, but the people themselves.

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