Sep 2, 2014

Batu Pahat Merdeka Holiday 2014: A spiritual journey

We opted for a two day and one night Merdeka holiday trip to Melaka and Batu Pahat with my son as our two daughters have activities of their own.
This is a new attraction at the entrance of Jonker Walk: a ship replica of Admiral Cheng Ho which is perch high on top a pillar.
Although it was nostalgic for us to visit Melaka again, somehow or rather I can sensed that the excitement is missing. The crowd seemed much less and the hawker foods are just ordinary and overpriced: a bowl of normal cendol without the red beans and leong fun jelly cost RM 4 !
What I enjoyed most is chilling out by the river with my family, telling stories and watching the cruise boats carrying tourists to and fro.A relaxing feeling which can only be experienced here.
We left Melaka the next morning to Minyak Beku, Batu Pahat for a unique temple which is the main purpose of our trip.This temple attracts many local and Singaporean tourists who came by the bus loads.And the attraction? It is call 'moh yee' in mandarin which literally means 'touch fish'.
Once you reached Minyak Beku which is not far from the town, turn left immediately after the electricity pole number 92.
And the star of this attraction? It is the arapaima fish!
Many believed that if one managed to touch the fish, it will bring them luck in lottery. Like most devotees,we prayed for the well being of our family.
There are three ponds where the fishes are kept and each pond is surrounded by stainless steel grille. One needs to stretch the hand in the pond and hope for the fish to approach you so that you can touch it, if you are lucky.
Well, I managed to  touch the fish five times and my wife once.
Did we strike lottery? We will keep it a secret.

This is the cave of  fortune at the top part of the temple and  where the big arapaima fish is kept. Can you see the glittering gold surrounding us?

Let us make friend with the God of Fortune first before our wishes are granted.

Wow! One is trying to touch the fish and the other is ready to take the gold home!

With  the Goddess Mazu supporting behind us, we can feel that our wishes will come true.

OK! The God of Fortune is showing the way, lets follow the way to our dream destination!
                   Touching the tortoise for good health and longevity.

We visited this Chai Kun temple on our way back to Batu Pahat town. We were surprised to see many local and Singaporean tourists here too. As usual, many were offering prayers for lucky numbers.

All right, I have to admit that like all human beings, I have sinned and made mistakes in life. So, with this spiritual water from the Goddess of Mercy, I washed away all my wrongdoings and I asked for forgiveness.

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