Sep 4, 2009

Let us be focussed

-->The success of Frenchman Alain Robert in conquering the height of the Petronas Twin Tower is a feat that has earned my utmost respect.
What I admired about this Frenchman is his bravery and the never-say-die attitude to succeed. And to achieve this, he must be extremely focused on what he sets out to do. Who else in this world but this Spiderman as he is aptly known, is brave enough to climb the tower with his bare hands without the ropes and a safety net? A slip and a misstep will kill him instantly from the fall. But then he has the will and exudes full of confidence to succeed. One can see the sheer joy on his face when he stood on top the pinnacle of the tower, which is the highest point.
Now, respect needs to be earned as it definitely does not come from the sky. I respect this Frenchman not because he is romantic but because of his bravery in doing what nobody dares to do and the way he achieved it.

How can we make Malaysia as a country and us as Malaysians be respected in the world stage?

If the majority of you think that the takeover of the government from BN by PR is the answer, then let us focus to change the government. Impossible? Well, the recently concluded election in Japan has shown that in politics, anything is possible.

With the intense pressure mounting on Umno/BN now, it has begun to attack PR on all fronts: with all the wrong moves.
They can do and say what they want. They can also twist and turn and spin whatever stories to divide PR. In other words, while Umno/BN is using cow sense in making all the wrong moves, PR must ensure it uses common sense to stay focus and makes the right moves.

As for the votes, my family and siblings, with a total of 15 votes, have already made up our mind.
Have you?


Anonymous said...

AS for the votes, my family and siblings, with a total of 15 votes, have already made up our mind.----Cancan.

The above mentioned touch mt through my spine. It moves my heart immensely to salute you with high appreciation.
We have seen your point, after 54 years, Japan Rakyat eventually made the enormous change.
Why can't we? None thing is impossible.


cancan said...

Ii is going to be a tough political war for PR.Therefore, every vote counts.

PR should start to focus on the young voters and make sure these youngsters are registered. They are too naive in the political happenings of the country.Because they are pampered, everything is fine to them.