Nov 19, 2009

Sex: The subject and the object

Lately, we have been bombarded with the ‘potong’ or ‘cut’ advertisement by a broadband company. Such an advertisement, although seems and sounds ordinary enough, has created a topic for discussion among the public due to its sexual intonation: “Cut already only can go faster ma”. The Cantonese version has a more seductive tone. Many have argued that we are already living in the 21st Century and are matured enough not to be influenced by a seemingly 'harmless' advertisement. However, there are many who have called for the advertisement to be banned as it has a bad influence on the children. Well, they have succeeded with the intervention of a Deputy Minister, albeit not with a ban but a change in its intonation.

Now, there is another advertisement by a company that markets a ‘kuat’ brand washing powder with almost a similar sexual tone: “What did your husband say when you have changed to ‘kuat’?”

Marketing is basically about perception and the ability to catch the attention of the customers in a different manner so that it can be remembered instantly. Hence, the above two examples clearly showed the creativeness of the marketers: albeit in a controversial manner. I will not be surprised that such advertisements are created with the intent to cause some brouhaha so that the more it is debated, the more attention it is able to garner.

I remember that during the early 70s, Esso used to engage sales promoters as pump attendants who were sexily dressed in uniforms with tiger stripes as the animal was associated with power in Esso’s advertisement.

We have the beer advertisements with almost all of them using beautiful and sexily dressed ladies as if to seduce you for a drink. Even during the F1 races, one can see such ladies holding umbrellas to shelter the racers and strutting up and down as if to compete with the racers for attention. Then here again, we see many of these sexily dressed ladies, with some exposure of their boobs at the many motor shows.

Are men so obsessed with sexily and scantily dressed ladies that when they see one, they will make a bee-line to pump petrol or to the motor races and shows?
Are females being manipulated and exploited as sex objects by the advertisers to promote their products?
Or the adage that sex sells, simply holds true.


engann said...

Just enjoy it, Cancan.
The lady in the picture on your blog is beautiful and seducing.
In reality, female is supposed to be a sexy individual in man's world. She could be an object, a precious property, a salable saleability and a mother.
If she is attractive with consisted beauty title and famed, she will be valuable in the commercial market as advertisement model for a branded product. From there, she can make ton of money.
Actually, I'm a kind of intending to appreciate the existence of female. Their presences have always made the world a bit more sweeter and nicer. Without them, the world will be more dull and tasteless. As the photo you use it in your blog has beautifully brightened here.
Suffice to say, female is the finest product God had made for the world of man to partner with. With carefully applying the best skill of design to multiply the function of female body's mechanism, the female body constitution is specially designed for man to hold and enjoy. On top of it, female reproduces continuation of man-kind with the help of man in utility of lusty sexuality accompanies with bedding contentment.
In few far far away countries, those habitants there treat their ladies as special items just for them to keep as private movable properties. These pitiful ladies have to be confined perpetually inside their cloths cover up from foot to head as fools.
Hence this practice of treatment befalls upon women in that world, is a bit too far away from respecting a person as human. It is totally an act of inhumanity.

cancan said...

engann,I do agree with some of the points that you have mentioned with regards on the beauty of females.

Well, one needs to be careful not to overstepped into the boundary of beautiful ladies. It can gives you pleasure but at the same time ca also destroys.

Look at what Tiger Woods is into now.

Anonymous said...

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