Nov 16, 2009

Who to blame?

The report in The Star today of a 15 year old girl who was raped by her brother and became pregnant must has shocked the nation. What is even more shocking is her willingness to give birth to the baby with the full knowledge of her parents. And the punishment for her brother? Well, he had been sent to a religious school without any punishment or charges. It seems like this is just a small matter and everything will be fine after this.

We have read of the many horror stories of snatch thefts and robberies that have made us feeling very insecure. And when parents do not seemed to care enough of their children, who should we blame for the existence of the mat rempits and the many gangsters who have been terrorizing us?


engann said...

First thing I want to say is thank you to you Cancan, for seeing this amazing news reports in your blog. I have been to oversea for trip which unable me to get to know this news reported in The Star.
I'm only wondering what have happened to them, the Muslim community. It is not only shocking but a bit more unbelievable to the fact eventuality.
From What I know is that this kind of religion has its strict conservativeness. It has high power to maintain morality and rule of regulation to keep their believers in superbly appreciated law. How would it be concluded like that without social queries? This has been most shocking me when I compare it to other more serious crimes. It brings me to another level of judging it. Making me unceasing intention of thinking and laughing.
May be they are eventually changing to another state of toleration. It is good sign for all man-kind.

cancan said...

engann,I am not too sure whether it is the people or the religion that is tolerant to this despicable act.