Mar 27, 2010

Five lessons for Pakatan Rakyat to be relevant

1) Patience and not hasten
The major victory of PR during the March 08 general election has brought so much of cheers among the people that it almost changed the course of the political history in this country. Maybe the cheers were so loud that it has gone into the heads of its leader who boldly declared that it has the necessary numbers of MPs who will crossed over to PR and thereby giving it a simple majority to form the next government. This number game has caused so much of confusion and a sense of false hope that in the end it was the BN that capitalize on this to wrest power in Perak.
It will be a very different political scenario if PR had planned on how to win the hearts of the people and shows what it can do to guide the country to greater heights. It must be patience enough and allow time for the people to follow and understand its political struggle.

2) From jubilation to turbulence
With the failure of PR to form the next government, we can now see the true colors of some of its MPs. Because these MPs felt there will be no rewards for them if they stay with PR, they decided to jump ship and switched alliance to BN. Only God knows what, who and how much is involved. And because money is able to do wonders, we see how these froggies attack PR through the many sinister revelations. Whether these revelations are facts or fictions, it has done enough damage and cause so much of turbulence in PR. It is with great importance now for PR to put its house in order before more froggies will jump ship.

3)Focus and not hocus-pocus
By now PR must have realized that, by simply winning big in an election does not guarantee that all will be smooth sailing. There is no magic wand for PR to do what it wants wantonly. It should stay focus on its political struggle for the people and the country. It must be bold enough to discard the old political rhetoric of racism which the people despise the most. One of the ways to achieve this is for all the component parties of PR to show true camaraderie and to speak with one voice. PR need not worry too much on those political goons who seem to thrive and survive on racism, let all right minded Malaysians take care of them through the ballot box.

4)Careful selection for greater contributions
Ah, this is the mother of all problems in PR. You see how all those froggies who have jumped ship hurling accusations and criticisms against PR. No one has an iota of inkling in PR that this can happen because no one too foresee that PR can managed to win big in the election. So any one at that time who is willing to stand for the election can be considered without vexing the true credentials, ability and background of the candidates by the PR leaders with PKR being the greatest culprit. I believe PR must have learned this bitter lesson so that in future only quality candidates will stand for elections.
5)Change or be changed
We have seen how PR made silly mistakes and blunders and how they were made to eat humble pie by BN. We have also seen how PR being attack on all fronts by BN through its controlled mainstream medias. With all these negative effects, PR must start to plan its strategy and willing to change and adapt to the needs and aspirations of the people. Whatever mistakes PR have committed, we as voters must be equally focused to support PR so that justice and fairness ca become a reality to all of us. After all, it is change we want, aren’t we?

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