Mar 31, 2010

We have failed you, Brother James

-->When you left us all of a sudden, your hopes and wishes were left for us to fend

Restaurant business continues to prosper and seems to be in
good hands

Our brothers try as hard to improve the business as they can

But then along the way, the path to success was marred by
brotherly rants
What do you expect when one seems to be in total control?
How can they work as one when another one is almost incommunicado?
When finances and all are in a state of improbable fold
The end of Gourmet Terrace is already foretold

Now, like a flash of lightning, the restaurant has been sold
There goes all your hard work and the many sacrifices untold
Deep inside me there is anger and I cried for your poor soul
Oh James, how can I redeem your pride and lost pot of gold?

For far too many times we have failed you again and again
I can see your anger, frustrations and disdain
Please James, I seek your forgiveness with a deep sense of heart pain
We need your guidance to the path of success without
anymore restrains

What is gone is already gone
For there is no point to moan but to look beyond
We will fulfill your wish for brotherly bond
So James, please go seek solace with God and not be torn
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