Apr 16, 2010

Illusions and Perceptions

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate Pakatan Rakyat for getting rid of another froggie. This froggie assemblyman from Bakar Arang, Kedah although has stressed that his reason to quit had nothing to do with him being dropped as Kedah state exco member recently, the truth is for us to judge.
One of the reasons he gives is so stupendously stupid that it makes one want to puke:“I love Anwar but now I see Najib working, I am beginning to love him.”
It is akin to saying that this froggie loves his wife and if he sees another woman who is more beautiful and cooks better than his wife, then he will abandon his wife and marry the other woman.
This froggie must have been caught in an illusion created by the PR company that is engaged by the government to create a perception that Najib is working hard. Hence, the front page picture of Najib shaking hands with President Obama to let the the world knows that Najib is one of the privilege few who is able to meet the most powerful man on earth. With millions being spent to market his image, ultimately it is the people who will make the judgment.
As I have mentioned before, marketing is about perceptions. It gives you a sense, usually a false sense of what is to be portrayed. Some good examples are the many TV commercials like baby powder and health food. We see how the so called fortified milk powder with DHA that can make a child talk like an orator and study like Einstein. We also see another commercial showing a well known actress drinking a calcium drink so that her bones can be strong but without mentioning how much of calcium is being absorbed.
Let us not be fooled by those illusions that we perceived everything is all right and smooth sailing in this country. We have already being fooled for more than 50 years. We have gambled and already lost the future of two generations.
Let us wake-up and come to our senses to change this country for the betterment of all. We cannot afford to gamble the future of our children anymore.

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