May 9, 2010

Remembering the times

Do you remember the times when you were a baby and was refused the pacifier by your mother?
What do you do?

Like all babies, regardless of race, you start to cry and whine until your mother gives in and faithfully gives you the pacifier and you smile again. As you grow a little older and when your mother refused to give you some sweets to protect your teeth, you start to cry again and like all caring mothers, your mother will obediently gives you the sweets. Now, as you grow older, each time when you want something from the family and was denied, you start to make a ruckus in the family to attract attention until your demands are given.

As we grow older into adulthood, many of us must have realized that such a trait is utterly wrong and begin to repent and change to a better behavioral person. But then, there are also many who either refused or simply cannot change because such childish behavior are already ingrained too deeply in them.

Now, let us juxtapose the above scenario with Perkasa.

Do you see the many similarities?
Can you hear their demands?
Can you see how they seek attention?

I believe that if we do not give a damn about them, they might do something more sinister until its 'parent', Umno, gives in to their demands.

What do you think, we as 'parents' should do to such a defiant 'child'?

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

spot on!
Ignore screaming child will do the trick. they'll soon realise this won't work.
But pls, don't tell them leass we educate this Perkasa bas#$%&s!!!.