May 14, 2010

Is Malaysia a cursed country?

We all know that Malaysia is blessed with an abundance of natural resources like oil, rubber, timber, oil palm and even gold that has made the country the envy of many. No doubt these resources have contributed greatly to the development of the country and despite of these rich resources, it has created a vast division among the different races with each wanting to fight for more distributions of the wealth. With the depletion of the country's wealth through the massive plundering by the corrupts seemingly with impunity,the fight will become more intense among the have-nots..
The different races of the country have created a cultural pot of diversities and a smorgasbord of food that make this country unique throughout the world and should made all Malaysians proud. It is a folly of the government for not doing enough to capitalize on this great asset of the country. Instead of the capitalization, we see a conceptualization of a fiercely racial base political rhetoric which has greatly divided the people. Instead of living in a heavenly place now, the politicians are making it hell.
When most of us have forgotten the horror of the May 13 racial riot and moving forward, we now have some political idiots who are led by one pigheaded idiot who wanted to organize an anniversary of this bloodshed event in the name of special rights and privileges as if the people are not already divided enough.
With so much of beauty and richness in this country and yet, there are full of hatreds and divisions among the people. When we should enjoy a good standard of living, we see so much of discords and dissatisfaction. When the country seems to be heading the right direction for political reforms, we see the implosion of racial threats.
When the world is envious of us, yet we have become the laughing stock.
If Langkawi has the Mahsuri curse, I wonder what curse does Malaysia as a country has and by who. Anybody got any idea?

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adam said...

We r cursed for having a Mamak Bendahara by the name of Mamat Kutty and still is.