May 30, 2010

Its now or never

I believe many of us must have felt very disheartened after reading today’s Star paper on the removal of various subsidies by the government on this auspicious Wesak day. Maybe Lord Buddha has already enlightened the government on how to manage the country efficiently before it goes bankrupt by 2019.
If these removals can indeed save the country from bankruptcy, then it is the duty of all to accept and adapt to the many changes that are bound to affect our lifestyles in one way or another. But the question is: Is the removal of subsidies the only means to safe this country financially?
I concur with Tony Pua who is DAP publicity secretary that the government must also do away with the many wasteful expenditures which are actually black areas for massive corruptions with the creation of the many rent-seekers. If we are to look deeply into the financial management of the government, corruption is the greatest sin that is plunging the country into bankruptcy, subsidy being only a secondary factor. The list of financial scandals is just too long. Maybe someone can assist me in compiling the list.
The government must not forget that there are still many who possessed the siege mentality and the removal of these subsidies might make them want to run amok. Can the government contain them? Can the government utilize the saved money prudently, efficiently and fairly?
There is a Chinese saying that goes something like this: With extravagance, even if you have a mountain of gold, it will eventually be finished.
And Malaysia fits the saying beautifully: A country with plenty of natural resources like the mountain of gold which is being plundered by the extravagants and the corrupts.
May Lord Buddha, Allah, Jesus Christ and Lord Muruga bless us all.

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