May 16, 2010

Born to act

It has been a long time since I last watched and followed intently Cantonese drama movies that are produced in Hong Kong, until recently.
A few months back, while my daughters were watching a Cantonese drama series titled Rosy Business, I joined in and watched the first episode. As the story progresses, I started to enjoy and became engrossed with the storyline. When the first episode was finished, I requested for the second and then the third episode and watching them way past midnight.
What captivates me in this movie besides the storyline is the acting by the veterans and even the newcomers who both acted superbly and so naturally. There is the plot and sub-plot and then more plots and sub-plots making you sitting on the edge of the chair yearning for more. So, it is no wonder that both the lead actor and actress won the Best Actor and Actress Award in the Hong Kong movie industry last year.
There is one particular scene that is worth mentioning here.
When the lead actor (played by Wayne Lai), was caught for stealing because he was poor by the gangsters, he was set to be punished severely by the leader unless he is prepared to crawl like a dog with a dog bone in his mouth! When the bone was forced into his mouth and as he crawled along the street with the people laughing and cheering, his facial expressions of humiliation, anger and sadness was indeed heart wrenching.
Since watching this show, I subsequently began to follow many other drama series. The Hong Kong movie industry has improved by leaps and bounds with the many talented actors and actresses that are aplenty. In fact many of them were from other professions before they join the movie industry: beauty pageants, models, hair stylists and singers. And when they became actors or actresses, they just seem to act naturally and convincingly.
Are the people in Hong Kong born to act?
It is a well known fact that the society in Hong Kong is a very materialistic one, a kind of No Money No Talk. With a robust economy and the dynamism of the Hong Kongers in doing business, the chase for wealth is extremely competitive and strong. And many believe acting is where they can find fame and fortune. So, it is no wonder that one can easily find many of these Gen Y aspirants hanging around at the beaches and complexes flaunting their body hoping to be spotted by a film director for an audition.
Malaysians are also accepted. Do you want to try?

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MMG said...

Perhaps Malaysian should give it a trial rather than doing nothing but waiting for this country to go for bankruptcy.