Jun 27, 2010

FIFA World Cup: Time to embrace technology

The match between England and Germany in the second round of the World Cup yesterday has provided some quality of excitement to the game and hopefully, as the tournament progresses, the fans can enjoy such quality in this beautiful game.

The hottest topic about this game is most probably not the victory of Germany but the shot by Frank Lampard which hit the goal bar that bounced down and back up off the bar again. An almost instant replay during the live telecast clearly showed that the ball has indeed crossed the line. To the horror of all, from the the Englishmen to the football fans, the referee waved to play on as if he has not seen it. If the referee is 'blind' or being blinded, how about the linesmen?

It is indeed pitiful that England has to relive the equally controversial shot by Geoff Hurst during the 1966 World Cup. Many has argued that the ball has crossed the line and to this day, it is still being debated. Unlike today, where video technology is in such an advance stage, whereby any shots can be replayed almost instantly from any angle and in HD too! If such technology is available, shouldn't FIFA embraced it to be used in future tournaments so that there is some fairness?

Since the controversial goal by Thierry Henry in the return leg playoff between France and Ireland, I have blogged about the use of video technology and how it should be implemented.

Kindly read here for the proposals.

Maybe for once, FIFA should listen to an outsider.

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