Jul 11, 2010

The fear mentality

It is indeed sad to see the need of the PM to pacify the UMNO delegates not to fear Singapore investments which the government is trying hard to attract into the Iskandar project.

In the first place, why must the PM pacify them? If they are indeed scared of the Singapore investments, will the government flip-flop again on its agreement?

Secondly, is the mentality of the UMNO delegates so shallow that they are not able to distinguish between what is good and bad for the country's economy?

Thirdly, why must there be a special fear for the Singapore investments only? Why not the other investments that are from other countries?

If the PM is sincere in removing the fear mentality in UMNO, then he must remove all the 'crutches' that have been supporting them for so many years so that they can 'walk' freely, willingly and eventually with the head held high. And in order to achieve this, he must fear no one. So Mr.PM, when all your predecessors have failed, can you succeed?

As it is now, it looks so pathetic for the PM to keep wanting to pacify the UMNO delegates.

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