Jul 24, 2010

Plunge, plunging ...............plunged

OK folks, figures are out!

FDIs are declining and investors are shunning this country, which means the rice bowl of the people will be greatly affected.

And yet everyday, we read of the political goons and idiots talking about race and nothing else but race politics. If that is what they are good at, then let them do it. Let them irritate and enrage the people more. Let them demonstrate their idiotic mentality and stupidity for the world to see. Most probably, the investors have already seen it.

As for Pakatan Rakyat, it must seize this opportunity to highlight and let the people know that the economy of the country is plunging into the drain. It must attack the UMNO/BN led government on all fronts relentlessly and make them answerable to the people.

Because the rice bowl of the people is more important, PR must not be trapped into race politics set by those idiots. PR must shows its abilities to govern and bring much developments in the states that are under its control. It must stay focus to provide enough rice bowls for the people, not break them.

As for those racist political goons, let the people take care of them through the ballot box.

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