Apr 18, 2011

A Thank You Message No.4

The Sarawakians have woken and they have spoken
For far too long, the rules of govern have been broken
This sheer ignorance raises the people to be emboldened
And now the people have woken, we must ensure that BN be forgotten

Fret not without the two-third majority in the state
It is the parliament seats that are at stake
Come next GE, we must decide for our children sake
A wrong vote will put us behind by another decade

Forests gone, money gone and even human can be explosively gone
When the rule of law seems forlorn, the bankruptcy of the country is a foregone
Promise this, promise that and talk this, talk that but for years, the people have been conned
MCA or MIC, Gerakan or SUPP, they are nothing but to be used as pawn

Umno shouts of threats and racial slurs
What a great way for injustices and unfairness to unfurl
The FD in Sarawak for BN has mature
Putrajaya is in the hands for PR to capture

Malaysia, Oh Malaysia, a land with beauty and plenty
To lead and to guide is everyone's duty
Let us come together to make this country with greater bounty
Before it is too late for us to say sorry

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