Sep 29, 2016

Dex's Book Review: Outlaws Inc.

Matt Potter is a journalist,editor and broadcaster.He has reported for BBC Radio from Eastern Europe,Afghanistan and South East Asia.

Unlike Robert Ludlum fictional Bourne Identity, Matt Potter goes into real life action, flying with the world's most dangerous smugglers to understand and uncover the dangerous world of smuggling.

The book is about a group of ex-Russian veterans who bought  decommissioned Russian war horse super planes, the Ilushin Il-76 to do what they know best,smuggling any goods to the world's most troubled spots with the right price. Their giant cargo planes have secret compartments which can be filled with drugs,guns,money. With such a high risk job, some pay a heavy price and lost their lives to terrorists,hostile territories, mafias and even alcohol which some cannot live without.

Matt Potter follows their incredible story around the world and in the process has become a good friend to some. He takes us to Afghanistan where he begins his journey and then to Chechnya,Russia where he witness how goods are transported, even when the plane is being overloaded.

In Somalia, where pirates are king of the high seas,he detailed explicitly how the ransom money is being paid from the plane!

From East Africa to Central America and to Iraq, Matt Potter writes his journey in such an absorbing manner that it certainly is a thriller!

And with some elements of James Bond,Jason Bourne and Indiana Jones,this book is an explosive read.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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