Sep 28, 2016

Dex's Book Review:Speeches that changed the world

Simon Sebag Montefiore is a historian and an international best seller author.

Speeches that changed the world has already sold over three quarter of a million copies.

History is not all about recording dates and events.It allows us the opportunity to analyze why and how the events occurred and ultimately, a chance to learn from it.

Throughout the course of history,great speeches have influenced and changed the direction of our past.

This book contains 48 speeches and it starts with Jesus of Nazareth during his sermon of the Mount and ends with Barack Obama's victory speech after winning the presidential election on 4th Nov.2008.

Just to name a few, this book contains speeches by Abraham Lincoln,George Washington,Napoleon Bonaparte,Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill,John F Kennedy,Martin Luther King Jr and many other great leaders:the  good, the bad and the evil ones.

You do not need to read this book page by page like a novel.You can choose any of the speeches from the content that interest you.Each speech is accompanied by an introduction that explains its historical background and also a biography of each speechmaker, albeit an abridged one.

Although the speeches listed in this book are thought provoking and inspirational, I believe there are also many more which are not listed here.Anyway, this book makes a great collection.

This book is  ideal for reading if you like history and also as you go through the speeches, you will learn how words are used in a powerful manner and how the language is used splendidly:simple,meaningful and inspirational.

Maybe one day, you might need such great oratory skill.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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