Oct 9, 2007

Law my arse!Justice my foot!

My usual morning starts with a copy of Star paper over a cuppa of coffee.
Today's paper sort of brighten my day.Russian spaceship preparing to launch our first Angkasawan and heart transplant patient Tee Hui Yi showing signs of recovery on the front page.
What good news!

As most of my friends said, seldom do we have many good news.Sure enough,on page 3 it was reported that some joggers managed to save a battered and sexually molested woman from death.
Sigh,another figure to add to our increasingly crime rate record.
On the same page,it was reported that Bangladeshis took their employment plight by hiring 27 buses from Batu Pahat to KL.
Another foreign workers problem.

It is being said that if you throw a stone, the chances of it hitting a foreigner is higher than a local.
Don't believe?Take a look at KL city and you will see lots of foreign workers hanging around.You can see Indonesians,Bangladeshis,Nepalese,Myanmar,Vietnamese,Chinese,Middle Easterners and lately many Africans.Wow! That makes Malaysia truly Asia and macam-macam pun ada diMalaysia.
This potpourri of foreigners is waiting to be out of control.What measures has the government done to control the situation?
It is a well known fact that a majority of illegal foreigners even managed to have Mykad.God knows how they managed to get it.

On page 28 in today's Star paper it was reported that a Malay carpenter who is an Umno deputy chairman in Kg.Chempedak killed an African over a black money scam and he was fined RM2000!
Whoa! African life is so cheap!How much fine for a Malay life,Chinese life or Indian life?There is no jail sentence and his lawyer has the audacity to plead for leniency for his client to turn over a new lease of life.Of course he will get a new lease of life,after all killing is so cheap.
The fact that this carpenter is involved in the black money scam is equally guilty.
You see,it is who you are that makes the difference.
Part of Lingamgate legacy?

Tell you a real life story.
I was having supper with my family in a coffee shop one night when the MPSJ officers came. Two of them approached the owner while another was taking photos outside the shop.
Later the owner told me that he was issued 2 summons-one for placing tables and chairs outside and the other for being dirty and no matter how,they will find fault with you.
The irony of this all was that,just behind this shop was a Malay restaurant which places more tables and chairs than the Chinese owner.
Most probably you would have guessed the answer.No action and summons.
You see,it is who you are that makes the difference.

You know why KL is always jam?
Take a drive to Jalan Cheng Lok near Dayabumi,Jalan Tun Perak near Maybank and Puduraya and you will see many buses parking along the road as if the road belongs to them.
Many do not give a damn to the police and summonses.

By now many of us must have given up on following the Altantuya murder case.Who won't ?
The trial is already being so diluted that we do not who is right or wrong , good or bad and who to believe and trust.
Ang Lee should be able to make this a blockbuster film!

Tomorrow,our first Angkasawan will be launched in space.
Will I feel proud?I try to.Looking at all the happenings in Bolehland,there is hardly any space in my heart for pride.

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