Oct 8, 2007

Unite or sink together !

Many of us are really touched by the news of heart transplant patient Tee Hui Yi which is made possible through the consent of the parents of a Malay boy who died in an accident.My condolences and salutations to the boy's family for this noble deed.
Two years ago Muhammad Fikri Nor Azmi had a heart transplant through the donation of a Chinese boy.

These two acts have indeed transcend all races and religion.And it makes one wonder whether it is not possible to have a truly Malaysian race?What makes it so difficult?
My answer is,politics.

During the Gerakan general assembly.it was proposed that all 14 BN component parties be merged to formed a single party.The politicians of power to be all already against the proposal.
Our PM even mentioned that it brings no benefits !

Hello there Mr.Politicians,don't you realize that a truly united country can make us a withstand the threats of globalization and a truly peaceful country can bring happiness and prosperity to the people.

It is difficult but it has to start somewhere .Please do not shoot it down without being given serious thoughts.

The economic pie of the country as we all know is not being fairly distributed. The pie is shrinking and if there is no expansion of the pie,chaos will prevail.Can all the races then unite together to topple the government or will there be bloodshed ?

Lets look at sporting event in relations to unity.
During the Japan Badminton Open,Lee Chong Wei who won the single event,immediately hugged his coach,Misbun Sidek.It was touching as it showed us that we can be one race,that is,being Malaysian.

In any news,big or small,good or bad,the media plays a major role in bringing the news to the people.Wouldn't it be wonderful,if all the newspaper in the country published the picture of Lee Chong Wei hugging Misbun front page?Wouldn't we all feel proud if being Malaysian?
The political arena is a diversity of challenges.How we challenge these issues depends on the politicians.

Can our future generations depend on the politicians?

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Bluechip said...


The economic pie in Malaysia were still in uncertainty . These uncertainty occurred because potician always blind about dristributes of economy . Economic wealth not only for politician but for the all Malaysian . No proxy , no crony , no bribery , economic distributian will be balance also fair and lovely