Oct 6, 2007

New blogger on the blog

Hi, I am a new blogger on the blog.
I have been reading blogs for quite a while and it really interest me on the ability to share information from so many people.There are many info that we can read from Malaysia Today that are not published.I am an avid reader of Malaysia Today and the comments from the bloggers can really push your BP up!
As a new blogger I really do not know where to start and what subjects to focus on. Can someone guide me?
I have the following few in mind:

Politics:This subject certainly creates a lot of interest among the bloggers.Looking at the comments from the bloggers in Malaysia Today,the picture of this country is very murky.
Are we really going backward and is the country going to the dog?
As I am understand, once your are a Social Blogger(SOPO),your name and identity will be recorded in Bukit Aman.Is this true?
Why threaten the bloggers when we are righting the wrongs from the sinners?
Where is the freedom to express one's views?

Humour: The world is bleeding so much I doubt people know how to smile anymore.
Iraq is bleeding.Burma is bleeding.Many third world countries are bleeding.And Malaysia is bleeding too!
I might like to source as humour as possible jokes and pictures for everyone to have a good day to start with.

Food and travel: There are already many websites on this and I am no gourmet specialist which makes me difficult to write.

Unity:We are being divided by the Umnoputras(oh boy, I am already into politics) and I thought it might be good for me to bring the people together for a harmonious Malaysia.Many countries have shown us how civil wars have destroyed them and how the people have suffered.Do we want to join them?Can't we live together peacefully without the evil influence of politics?

I have a problem though.
I am not IT savvy.Can someone guide as to how to upload pictures from the newspaper,magazines or internet?

In the meantime,bye bye and looking forward for your guidance.

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