Oct 18, 2008

Hail The Judge

No, this is not a compliment to our newly appointed Chief Justice.

The title is actually a movie starring Stephen Chow, the Director of 'Kung Fu Hustle' blockbuster fame.

'Hail The Judge' is a typical slapstick comedy which Stephen Chow is famous for his silly and yet funny acting. In most of his movies, there are scenes that are truly idiotic and unbelievable but which, carries a message. Maybe this is Stephen Chow's way of conveying a message, usually about good values in life to the audience.

The storyline goes something like this:

Sitting on the rooftop under a bright moonlight, a boy declared that he wanted to be a judge, like his father.

Well, he did grew up to be a judge named Justice Pao, albeit a corrupted one.

In all the cases that were presented to Justice Pao, which were defended by an equally crooked lawyer and where proofs were presented, the defendants were judged not guilty. Needless to say, Justice Pao had been bribed and when the people saw that there was no justice, he was despised and scorned at by the people.

One night, during a wedding ceremony in a village, the bride was raped by her cousin. However, this was witnessed by the bridegroom's parents who were both killed and subsequently like an amok, he went on a killing rampage by killing all the wedding guests which was witnessed by a night guard who managed to escape the killings.

The cousin, who is the son of the Navy Commander was caught and brought before Justice Pao who sees a strong case against the Commander's son. However, with a strong influence of power, Justice Pao was not only replaced but was framed and jailed.

And to prevent the Navy Commander's son from being found guilty, the new judge conspired to removed all the evidences at the murder scene and planted new evidences to implicate the bride.
He further bribed the night guard to deny what he had seen and the servant to admit of having a sexual relationship with the bride.
The verdict: the bride was found guilty of murder by poisoning her in-laws and the wedding guests and had also committed adultery !
So, she was sentenced to jail.

With such cruelty, Justice Pao had vowed to take revenge and seek justice for the bride.

Finally, with the help of the Emperor and some smartness, he managed to bring the corrupted judge, lawyer, imperial officer and the murderer to justice.

Does the storyline sounds familiar?

Can our new Chief Justice brings a happy 'ending' to our judiciary system?

p/s: Justice Pao married the girl and lived happily ever after.


mob1900 said...

Unlike the movie's time length which is about 90 mins, ours doesnt have one. Unless we managed to convince all Malaysians a corrupted Justice means suffering for a very long time. Even that too, will have to wait for another 4 years.

cancan said...

mob 1900, considering the state of affairs the country is going through,4 years is not a long time.

My concern is our next generation who might have to wait for donkey years to have justice and equality.

megaman said...

wait long long lahh for a justice Bao in Msia ...

Gave up hope oledi !!!