Oct 6, 2008

Hari Raya Holidays

Well, it is holiday season again and how time flies.

For this holiday, I decided to visit my hometown Raub which I have not visited since my parents passed away a few years back.
I have heard quite a lot about the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary in Lanchang which is not far from my hometown and did a google search to find out what it has to offer.

The sanctuary seems to be an interesting place and so my travel plan is to visit the sanctuary first and from there to Raub through the Felda oil palm plantation road and back to KL.

My wife enjoying feeding the deers at the Deer Park which is just before the elephant sanctuary.

One of the cute animals licking coca-cola at the Deer Park. Beside the bear, there are also ostriches, hedgehog, snake and rabbits.

My first encounter at the sanctuary: an amputated baby elephant which was rescued from the jungle.

The Elephant Man bringing the animals for the bath at the river which marks the first activity.

The sight of the elephants taking bath brings sheer excitement in you.

After the bath, it is feeding time. My eldest daughter feeding one of the elephants.

Visitors lining-up for the elephant ride the natural way, without the basket.

The elephant dung is big and emits a strong smell. It was embarrassing to see the Elephant Man shoved the dung into the river where the visitors are to play with the elephants.

It is splashing time! The Elephant Man leading the elephant with the tourists on the back into the river and as he commanded "pian", the elephant will lean side-way and down go the tourists into the river!

My second daughter waving bye-bye to the Elephant Sanctuary with me and my son in front.
My family certainly enjoyed this fun-filled holiday.

Sometimes with proper planning, a simple domestic holiday can be both satisfying and enjoyable.


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