Oct 9, 2008

Today in history

Finally, with all the suspense and after all the discussions and negotiations, the secret is out: Abdullah Badawi is stepping down as PM in March 09.

What seemingly as a last hurrah for him, he intends to implement and 'see through' the following initiatives :

1) ESTABLISHING the Judicial Appointments Commission to enhance the stature of the judiciary.
If only he had done this five years ago, the people would have looked upon the judiciary with great trust and the ability to protect the weak from the wicked.

2) ESTABLISHING the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission with greater powers of investigation and enforcement
If only he had done this five years ago, the country will not be robbed of millions and millions by the corrupts. When there is seemingly no law to bring the corrupts to justice, the people are simply disillusioned with the system.

3) ESTABLISHING the Special Complaints Commission to enhance the integrity and effectiveness of enforcement agencies.
If only he had done this five years ago, when there is opportunity for him to yield power against the useless and ineffective civil servants who are seat warmers and whose duties are perfunctory, the question of integrity will not arise.

4) STRENGTHENING and enlarging the Social Safety Net to ensure aid to all, regardless of race and religion.
If only he had done this five years ago, when the country had been on sound footing with opportunities to sow the seeds of prosperity, the growth of wealth would have been 'harvested' by all and for all by now.
5) HOLDING a Barisan Nasional convention to improve inter-racial and inter-religious relations.
If only he had done this five years ago, when he had the power to warn and take action against the racists and the party warlords, the people will be living together with greater harmony today.

Why did Abdullah Badawi failed as Prime Minister and what happened?

As mentioned, if only he had used his power to rule when he took over the premiership, he would still be able to survive the current political milieu. The failure to do so has bred many warlords within his party who will fight hard (even physically) to be just a divisional head. These warlords are reaping the economical benefits of the country and the more they reaped, the richer they will be. With that comes power. When there are too many of these warlords, Abdullah Badawi loses control over them and hence, he also loses his direction in governing the country.

In other words, Abdullah Badawi is being 'killed' politically by his own people, the Mother of all Brutus !

The political scar left behind is already getting difficult to heal and just like a broken vase, when pieced back together, will be unsightly.

In this context, do we want Pakatan Rakyat to form a new government?

Taking for granted that Najib has succeeded in becoming the next PM, do you think he can clear the political mess we are in now and be a better PM?

How do you want to remember Abdullah Badawi as the PM of Malaysia in history?


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