Oct 16, 2008

I am a pendatang, so what? You are also a pendatang, so what ?

It is a crime being a pendatang (immigrant) ?

My grandparents came from China and like many others, left for greener pastures because there was hardship in the motherland. It was maybe by fate that they had chosen to come here to ensure a better living for his children.

Yes! My grandparents migrated from China.
They are pendatangs, no doubt about it.
Like many of your parents who migrated here from elsewhere, they are also pendatangs, there is no doubt about it too.

So, what is the problem ?

I am born in Malaysia and is a full blooded Malaysian.
Am I a pendatang?

Call me what you want for all I care.

My grandparents and parents have left a legacy for me to follow and that is, to work hard, do no harm to others and be loyal to the country.

What is of utmost importance for me is to have a clear conscience because I have to face my children, family and most of all, God.
I am able to face God with peace and calmness when I pray everyday because I do no evils to harm people.

However, I am mystified as to how on earth can a person who is either a murderer,corrupt or an evil doer can still pray to God passionately everyday?
If only God can say something, I wonder what will it be.

Maybe what the rakyat think of him is not important. But then how about those in his family?
Will they have any conscience?

So, between the pendatangs and the evildoers, who do you prefer?

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Terong said...

Ampun Tuanku!!

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Bangsa Melayu datang ke Tanah Melayu bukan sebagai buruhdi estate getah atau pelombong dilombong bijih timah.
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5) kesultanan Pahang (dilanjutkan oleh Bendahara)
6) Kesultanan Johor (dilanjutkan oleh Temenggong)
7) Kesultanan Negri Sembilan
8) Kesultanan Perak
9) Kerajaan Raja Perlis (bermula dari Kesultanan Kedah)
10) Kesultanan Selangor (Bugis pun Melayu juga)
11) Kesultanan Brunei
12) Kesultanan Sulu
13) Kesultanan Aceh / Petani

Adalah dimaklumkan bahawa Kesultanan Kedah masih berhak keatas jajahan Pulau Pinang sebab hingga kehari ini Pulau Pinang masih membayar pajak kepada Kedah!

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