Aug 28, 2009

Beware of the moles !

The revelation by PKR adviser in Sarawak that there are moles in the party and a possibility of PKR facing a Trojan attack sounds interesting enough to capture our attention.(the Sun Aug 27 09)

Moles have been used frequently in triad societies when one society wants to seize territories of the other to control drug trafficking, prostitution, bootlegging and many other illegal trades. To do this, the triad boss will choose a trusted lieutenant to become a mole to infiltrate into his enemy’s society. In the beginning, it is extremely important for the mole to gain the trust of his ‘boss’ lest his identity being expose and that will be the end of his life. Once this is achieved, he will then be able to provide important information, like the time and place of the illegal transactions and the movement of his ‘boss’. When enough of information has been gathered, the triad will strike to eliminate his enemy which usually ends in violence.

Now, political moles, although are not violent, are extremely dangerous. Because they are paid to sabotage and are saboteurs, the modus operanti is quite similar to the triads and can destroy a party by infiltration to provide vital information. Although the triads are violent in nature, there is a code of ethic which the Italian mafiaso call ormeta. However, in Malaysia, everything goes for the political moles, especially during elections. If they have uncovered that the politician's wife had a miscarriage before, it will be exposed. If the politician has forgotten to pay some bills, it will be exposed. If the politician has visited a prostitute 50 years ago, it will also be exposed, with the prostitute as a witness no matter how fragile she is.The end result is to sabotage.

I think by now, the leaders in PR must have realize how dangerous these political moles are and they must be identified at all costs before it is too late. In the triad society, the moles will either be mutilated or executed. So, for the political moles, they must be sacked, shamed and must never be given a second chance to serve the party.

Can we identify the moles in Pakatan Rakyat?

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engann said...

According to my study on PKR internal structure that the moles you mentioned in your blog, are there existing. They are picked and chosen to be modified as moles for BN to use as powerful weapon to war PR.
Si-Saiful is the one utilized by BN to destroy Anwar in basement of asininity.
3 frogs from Perak were picked to train as instrument that wrecked the PR's government in Perak state.
There are still a lot of disqualified members in PKR waiting for Bn to give prices to buy them over if BN likes. Many insipid muddle headed elected representatives are laughing in their dreams. Using PR as their opportunity platform to gain financial margins.
They are as pigs and dogs hiding in PR to find themselves chances to turn over the coat. Kedah man was that one shamelessly turned into political pig. Saying PR has no quality and standard. But people all know he is the one soggy in the cesspool. PR was indeed unlucky to pick him to be candidate being successfully elected as lawmaker in Kedah state. Moles are too many to be verified. It is really a heartache.