Aug 22, 2009

What a speed demon !

It is just unbelievable and needs to be seen and seen again on TV to witness the sheer speed of Usain Bolt to break his own world records of the 100m and 200m race with a time of 9.58 sec. and 19.19 sec. respectively.

When I saw him won the Beijing Olympic 100m race on TV with a world record, I knew this man can go much faster if not for his ‘relaxing’ run at the near finish. At that race, when he knew that nobody came close to him near the finish line, he relaxed by swinging his hands like a stroll in the park which could had cost him maybe hundredths of a second slower.

Now this man is talking of a possibility of achieving 9.4 sec. for the 100m race and I believe in him. Since the car accident in Jamaica which luckily caused only a minor injury to his legs, he has been very focused in his training. He trained hard on his start without undue pressure and believes in himself to achieve the impossible.

Looking at our local sports scene, there have been hardly any credible achievements, beside squash and badminton which we have depended on for glory for umpteenth years. I certainly hope that our sportsmen and sportswomen can learn from the achievements of Usain Bolt. When we have failed to shine in the sporting arenas even in Asean, then how on earth are we to succeed in Asia, let alone the world. While others have achieved much in sports and are consistent in their successes, we seemed to achieve the opposite, with millions of ringgit thrown in.
For those who try to seek short-cuts to glory, they will surely end in agony.

At 23 years of age today, the world is certain to have a legend in the race track who is set to rule for a long time and most probably there will not be another human being in this planet to match the lightning speed of Usain Bolt.
After all, his name is Bolt, Thunderbolt.

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