Aug 10, 2009

Malaysia's Top Ten

One Malaysia
Two sets of laws

Three major races

Four losses in by-elections by BN

Five Prime Ministers

Sixth is on the way

Seven Habits mantra of good governance

Eight out of ten do not give a damn

Ninety percent will vote against the politically corrupt evils

Ten and more abuses will continue to be committed


lkh said...

Take the # 10 to add it to be more tasteless is coming. On this critical moment, BN is looking for more opportunities to crack breaking PR's strenght, especially in Selangor. PAS joins hand with BN to start a killing field to bury Ronnie Liu. PAS created the emplacement for BN to launch perpetual political attack on DAP's Liu.
The next person to be slaughtered is MB, Khalid Ibrahim. PR is facing four corners of warfare song. Neither way is unfriendly to face. PAS is schizophrenia unable to organize itself properly and rationally. Always has new idea of troubling PR to make PR under the siege of disturbances. Even people from PKR are forwarding their unfriendly political confrontation to its own brotherhood's coalition. Bn's think tank is making wonderful job. Boar and tiger fights together hunter gets the beneficial earning.

lkh said...

Can 1 Malaysia be succeeded realizing? Najib has the intention to bring his ideology to be fulfilling to unite one Malaysian Malaysia but unfortunately he is doing one thing at one hand, his other hand doesn't know what his other hand is doing. His papers such as Utusan and Malay Mail is doing the opposite. Reporting racist news hurting the felling of people of Malaysia. Calling Chinese and Indians as Pendatangs. Applying governmental institutions as his personal armies to wreck opposition. Can his 1 Malaysia be succeeding? He is abusing his power misusing the governmental institutions. The death of TBH could be avoided if his MACC was carrying out duty with conscientious care and efficiency. But MACC had acted as wolf and tiger killing people on purported in the name of investigating on suspicious corrupted cases done by DAP legislative representatives.
Does his government do the right things? Can he regain the trust of people? Many have doubtful on it. He be the last PM of BN. It's sure!!!

cancan said...

Maybe the PM has the good intentions of promoting the 1Malaysia concept. It seems his political colleagues are doing the opposite intentionally or otherwise.

Let us wait and see,lkh.

donplaypuks® said...

Ha, ha! That's quite funny, with serious undertones.

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race.

Simpleton said...

3, the major race.
It is fact. But then some Malaysians don't want to accept it. In this country its constitution has clearly written that 3 races in this country enjoy the same equality. Only certain morons keep complaining Chinese and Indians are Pendatangs. Reluctant to commit themselves Malaysia is belong to 3 main races and others who live some other parts of Malaysia.
That's why 1 Malaysia ideology encounters its difficulty and obstruction to realize it rationally and successfully.
In the case, a new power will come out to continue it. PR is the ideal choice. We people have to join in to make it successes.