Aug 14, 2009

Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka

Every year, the Ministry of Tourism launches the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival in July which ends on 31st August, Merdeka Day. During this period, major shopping complexes and shops will be having sales promotions with special discounts and many bargains galore. There will also be a smorgasbord of promotional activities to attract both local customers and foreign tourists.

So, what has the Mega Sale Carnival got to do with Merdeka?

Well, just like the annual sale carnival, Merdeka is also celebrated with a smorgasbord of activities and a beautiful slogan that calls for unity each year. Like the businessmen who will sweet-talk the customers, some politicians will toned down their racial slurs and are extremely 'well-behaved'. Like the amazing 70% discounts on offer, those politicians who have stirred racial hatreds will amazingly call for unity and harmony among the people. Oh, it feels so good when everyone is calling for racial unity and harmony. Such a fantastic 'sales offer' is definitely hard to resist and able to attract a lot of votes for the next GE.

But then, these ‘bargains galore’ happens only once in a year.

Just like when the mega sale carnival is over, when the prices of goods have revert to its original price, the politicians will revert to their original selves of racial destruction. And the theme of the Merdeka celebration becomes meaningless, the glamor speeches of the politicians during the celebration will also soon be forgotten.

As a middle-age Malaysian and I believe many other senior Malaysians too, who have seen the many early Merdeka celebrations, where the spirit of Malaysianess was high, we can see that such spirit is slowly but surely disappearing due to the many unpleasant political happenings that we have witnessed. Unless the government takes great steps to instill a sense of unity to the young generation, those beautiful slogans are meaningless. Unless the government walks the talk to show the true meaning of muhibbah, the Merdeka celebration is just pure display and nothing else. And unless the government do it now, the spirit of Merdeka will be gone forever.

I am not too sure how the current and those surviving ex-PMs feel, but what I am sure is, with the present political happenings in the country, those ex-PMS who have passed away are already crying in their graves.


Simpleton said...

Mega sale is to promote Malaysian products once in a year. Sale of racial harmony is on sale every day. That's why it is cheap and easy to talk it in the public.
Nowadays, they no more talk of racial unity. They talk about the Islam unity miss out other non-Malay to be involved in it. Sale of beer is made outlaw for Malay only. It shows they are narrow minded in their political ideology. Should ban of selling beer to Malay make it into religious mean?
Discourage of beer taking amongst youths isn't exactly hitting the right point yet. It is in fact should be widened a bit more to older age. Beer and wine consuming can be considered as social problem, should have made it seriously important to every citizen to understand it. Drink of alcohol could cause social chaos if it is out of control. Many families broke off and lives were lost just because overdone of alcohol consuming.
Why should have made it politically? Its aiming is dirty and abnormal. It is used to drag PR government into troublesome water beg. Why can not discuss it with DAP? What kind of politic PAS is trying to play? Cheap Simpleton!
Merdeka for the country but not for its people. Until today, there are still not easy to unite people join together to build this country as developed nation.
It is all because Merdeka for one bangsa, not Malaysian. Certain people are still addle minded and muddle brain. Short sightedness makes them irrational and quagmire to think.

ktteokt said...

Merdeka is getting more and more meaningless as the nation becomes more and more RACIALIST!