Nov 27, 2008

Brave or Stupid Act ?

The political turmoil in Thailand which has been going on for months since the ousted of Thaksin is set to cripple the country's economy, especially its tourism industry.

The People's Alliance for Democracy(PAD) started its quest for change of government through another fresh round of elections by a series of massive street protests and then stormed and occupied the Government House, the Thai prime minister's main office. This is already a signal that these protesters are brave enough to challenge the ruling government which they accused it of being a puppet of Thaksin, thereby will govern with greater corruptions.

When these protesters sensed that the army and the police are not taking any stern actions against them for fear of violent retaliations, it gives them the courage to storm Thailand's two major airports, causing them to cease operations. This has resulted in massive confusions and cancellations of flights among the thousands of travelers.
It is truly startling and incredulous for the Thai government and the army to allow these protesters to storm and occupy the two major airports.

Another round of elections means more time and money will be wasted and more politicking. For this to happen in Thailand in the midst of the worldwide financial and economic meltdown, the ordinary people of Thailand will suffer the most.

How long can they tolerate this?

What if the ruling party wins again?
Are the PAD protesters going to storm the Palace next?

When the livelihoods of the ordinary people are severely affected by these protesters, then the possibility of violent clashes among the people seems inevitable.

Now back to Malaysia.

Aren't we lucky that such massive protests are not happening in Malaysia? or
Should we unite and protest like the Thais to call for a fresh election to change an inefficient and corrupt government?


motherchell said...

It may be wrong to interpose judgments in the context of their makeup. The Powers there do not have the reprehensible malleable bigotry cards of convenience to be flashed like in here.
Though they go to extremes -- they get the message across to thick skulls to leave. The checks and balances are not muted. This is patriotism at its crux! Every soul there will bleed for his Country-- will one do it here -- even for a call to a peaceful Hartal??
If there is no loss -- there is no gain (read) change.
The big Powers today went thro this mill -- to be what they are today!
As you sow , so you reap!

cancan said...

I tend to agree with you motherchell, that it may be wrong to juxtapose the political milieu of Thailand and Malaysia, whereby one has only one race, the Thais while the other consists of multi-races.

When fairness, equality and justice do not exist in this BN govt., so does patriotism, it just disintegrates in the hearts of the people.

Who can really lead the march against this govt.?

The answer lies in the Malays.

The Malays must unite to lead the march without fear and the other races will follow.

Whether, the Malays want to remain as the frogs in the well or be a progressive and respected race, the choice is theirs.

motherchell said...

Wonderfully expressed cancan-- I wish they know -- time is ticking for their grandchildren as much as ours.

something i like to share , would this be possible with the children of Jakim and the NFC? If they can do this at an early stage ---- you can imagine what and where Malaysia will be, but its bigotry amalgamated from the womb to grave!