Nov 25, 2008

Food, Marriage and Jakim

Our fist Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, has once said before on national unity:" It is a pity that we do not eat the same food".

Hitherto, it is still a pity since the wise words of the lateTunku, we remain divided, not by the food, but by the incessant politicking and bickering.

So, is there anything that we can do to unite the people?

Looking at the picture of the inter-faith marriage of this blissful couple in The Star paper today, it dawn on me, maybe this could be one of the answers for unity.

If Ah Kow marries Aminah, I believe the bonding and relationship of both families of different faiths will be made stronger with a better understanding and respect of each other's culture and religion.
Later, if their daughter marries Muthu, the chain reaction of racial unity will spread further among all the various races.

Does this sound far-fetched and it is possible in Malaysia?

Although there are issues and concerns of beliefs and policies regarding such intermarriages, ultimately it is the happiness and love of both parties that matters.

Since Jakim has been actively issuing fatwas, maybe they can do something positively for the people by issuing fatwas to simplify the process and with minimum restrictions for such inter-faith marriages to bring the people closer together.

So, what do you think?
Do you think inter-faith marriages should be promoted and encouraged in Malaysia?


motherchell said...

Wonderful place you have here cancan!
Will come more often for sure!
Yes i fully agree with your thoughts of Nationhood , in fact-- the sly official policies is threaded so well for the power corrupt -- that they love to hit two birds with one stone -- material and power!

Something created with the ugliness that we see now --- the holiness are all steeped in orthodoxy, not progressive !--not enlightened to the absolute changes taking place in the Modern World .

Today the Middle East is more mature and modern minus the camels --those have been exported to Malaysia. The problem is no one here in the Corridors of Power know how to ride it !

Its great that we have ones like you in the galley , it may be with oars and sails--to shore the causes. But we are strong . Keep up your great efforts cancan ! God Bless you always in your speed!

cancan said...

Thanks for your comments motherchell.

It is so difficult to achieve nationhood in this country that most probably,I won't be able to see it in my lifetime.

UniversalTraveller65 said...

Perhaps in MARS or another planet! Wishful thinking!Only when everyone is treated equally, will the situation improve! When religion is domian of the individual & not used as a state apparatus

K L said...

Possible if Yong Ah Kow is not forced to change to Azmi Bin Abdullah Yong. Wonder why Mutusamy is not changed to Ali Bin Abdullah Samy !