Nov 22, 2008

The Prince and the frog

It is indeed heartwarming for most of us who have read the wise words from Raja Nazrin on the need on multiculturalism integration and the misleading view on Islam it dominates others.

It is without doubt that the world is getting truly diversified with multicultural societies and religions. As such, if there is always a constant blockade for integration and acceptance for an openness to accept others' faiths, cultures and religions, then the world is certainly going to be a very dangerous one, which we are already witnessing now the sufferings in many countries.

Reading the wise words of Raja Nazrin, Islam seems a simple religion which, like others encompasses every aspect of human life. And yet, in Malaysia, I find it truly complicated and to a certain extent, contrary to the wise words of Raja Nazrin.

To Raja Nazrin, I say Daulat Tuanku!

In stark contrast to the thinking of our wise Prince, the Umnoputras are still cocooned in the well and simply refused to see beyond the ever changing political, social and economic environment.
Like a frog in the well, they seemed mentally trapped.

When putting road signs with multiple languages for tourism benefits can become an issue, it truly demonstrates the mentality of these people. As the Chief Minister of Penang said, “Let them continue to live under the coconut shell. We don’t have to follow them.”
There are many more examples to show how they 'live under the coconut shell'. The list is simply too long for me to highlight but do not worry, there will be more.

To the 'frogs' who refused to change, I would like to advice them to remain in the well so as not to, as the Chinese say,'block the earth from rotating'.


Ikan Bilis said...

The one and only hindrance to our multiculturalism and multiracilism is the practice of Islam which is self-centric in the hand of certain group of people in our administration. The yoga has been banned and the next possible axe is said to be karate. This country will never be in peace if the Mosque and the state is not separated into their respective division of real responsibilities like the Church in western countries. Look at the chaotic situation of most Islamic states in the world nowadays and you should be able to find the answer yourself.

K L said...

How do you do ?
I am in the Well !
How are you ?
I am in the Well too !