Nov 13, 2008

The Young Ones

With two million young voters eligible to vote in the next general election, it seems there is hope for change for the better in this country.
These young voters are internet savvy and have a high political awareness. With such exposure, it is very important for the political parties to woo them to their sides.
To change for the better, these young voters must understand the need for the change and the traits of a good government.
Although the following have been written many times over, it is our duty to continuously remind them of what their future will be like, if the political landscape is left unchanged in this country.

1) The CAT concept
This is of utmost importance because a government that governs without competency, accountability and transparency will cause the country into bankruptcy. It is akin to daylight robbery!
With so many scandals: from the Defense Ministry to the Sports Ministry and from the Tourism Ministry to the Works Ministry and many more, it only makes one wonder whether there is rule of law in this country because at the end of the day, no one is held accountable for these scandals.
Although the government has eased the way for doing businesses by removing bureaucratic red tapes, the ever moribund civil service remains much to be seen for improvements.
Why does this government seems not able to follow the CAT concept of good governance?

2) Economy
With the major world economies grappling with the financial crisis, the outlook for next year will definitely not be a rosy one.
With the government rolling out a smorgasbord of fiscal policies and economic stimulants through the pumping of RM7 billion into various projects, the people remain pessimistic and the using of the EPF money of RM5 billion to inject into Valuecap to shore-up the market capitalization in the Stock Exchange only adds to the pessimism.
With the high cost of living now, the people are finding it extremely difficult to cope with their daily expenses, let alone a decent meal for the family.
What will Malaysia’s economy be without EPF and Petronas?

3) Judiciary
It has been for far too long the Judiciary system is being perceived by the people to be tainted with corruptions. The Lingam Tape controversy, the use of the ISA and the judgment of several high profile cases have left us in awe for all the wrong reasons.
Can the new Chief Justice instill back the confidence of the people who have been clamoring for justice for a long time?

4) Democratic Freedom: Speech, Religion and Equality
Although freedom of speech has its limitations, the interpretation and action of the government leaves much to be desired.

If a peaceful candlelight vigil gathering and even blogging can land a person to be arrested and detained under ISA, then what freedom of speech do we have?
If an inter-faith dialogue can lead to near riots and protests, then what religious freedom are we talking about?
If an appointment of a non-Malay to be a General Manager in a government department can trigger so much animosities and rejections among the civil servants and the Umnoputras, then what equality are we talking about?
If the NEP, social contract or the branding of the ketuanan Melayu is sacrosanct to one race, does it mean the other races must be denied equal opportunities?

5) Security
Maybe, with so many police personnel being deployed to 'prevent' the peaceful gatherings of the people from causing trouble, the robbers, snatch-thieves and murderers must be having a field day committing crimes.
Almost daily, we read of reports of violent crimes being committed to the extent that as if these criminals dare the police to catch them. The people are basically now living in a state of constant fear of being robbed, maimed or even being killed.
Have the police done enough to protect the people against crimes?

Of late, the police seemed to be active in arresting people, albeit the wrong people. The current spate of arrests and detentions of the government critics and the members of the opposition parties which seemed to be politically motivated by the governing party have created a deep distrust of the people towards the police force.

My eldest daughter was part of the victory that denied the BN two-third majority in parliament during the last election and the second daughter is one of the two million eligible voters come next election. It is my fervent hope that she will be part of the victory that changed this government.

So dear all, stand-up and be counted to vote for your future!

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