Nov 18, 2008

The mental anguish of a VIP

The divorce news of Thailand's ex-PM Thaksin must have caught many of us by surprise.
Whether it is a game plan of Thaksin to save his fortunes or the separation is due to irreconcilable differences, I am not interested. What I would like to write about is: divorce and there are two types of divorces.
The first type of divorce is known as legal divorce, which means both parties have signed the legal documents.

The second type of divorce is known as mental divorce.
The definition of mental divorce: It is the absolute right of the spouse to deny any sexual demands made by the other party in the event he or she has committed adultery or infidelity. As both parties can still remain together, no legal documents are necessary.

Let me give you an example of a couple named Najis and Rosie.

Najis has been implicated in a sex and murder trial of a young woman. Rosie knew all along that her hubby has been a playboy and flirting and screwing around with young women. In fact, Najis had been caught for khalwat at a seaside resort before.
Now, this sex and murder trial is the last straw that really broke the camel's back for Rosie to declare a mental divorce on Najis.

So each time when Najis makes any sexual advances to demand sex, Rosie has the legal rights to deny him that and tell him to go and fly kite. He can screw around and gets AID or STD for all she cares. What she wants is to torture him through mental anguish hoping that he will crawl back to her and behave as a good husband.

So now you know why Najis looks so tame, subdue and has been talking a lot of craps lately.


motherchell said...

Absolutely right cancan,--

She will not divorce him ---- shes the kind who would find murder a better option..
Lets take this scenario.... Rosie knows all fingers are at Najib also - now with BAGINDA out -- she will spin one story , she may poison Najib -- get the docs to say heart attack , Musa , Patail and the judges are all in her basket ---- each one has eaten the pie she baked , so difficult to not say the taste was no good -- they cant too for they too are too deeply married in mind to this lady ----- shes Lady Macbeth!

Wonderful place you have here cancan ! will be coming here more ! god bless you!

cancan said...

Thanks for your comments, motherchell.